We welcome you in the world of the magical wines from the most prestigious regions of France, Greece and Serbia, with the guided tastings from our professional someliers.

Taste your way through these countries and meet the producers who aim to catch the essence of the nature and transfer it to the bottle on the highest possible level. During the tastings we will choose for you five to seven wines from the renowned world producers from our programme. We will talk about history, ways of producing, aromas and the taste of wine.
Our tastings are created in a way that will help you to understand lavish world of wine. During the tasting you will learn:

           How to taste a wine like a professional
– Which wine regions and sort of grapes are there
– Which factors determine how will the wine you drink taste

You will learn a lot about the wines that you like and build self-confidence in your taste. You will learn how to love and appreciate wine even more.

Take in the highlights of the France, Greece and Serbia and our someliers will be at your disposal to answer to all the questions – about the process of making the wine, pairing wine and food, details about the every style you taste…


     –        France and Serbia
        France and Greece
        Greece and Serbia
        Tour de France – regions of the Champagne, Provence, Burgundy, Alsace, Rhone and Bordeaux
        Region of the Rhone
        Burgundy vs Bordeaux (Premier i Grand Cru)

Customized service – From our web shop you can choose the wines you would like to taste. For you we can organize private or corporate tastings, where the minimal number of the participants is eight.

If you like to schedule a tasting or if you have any additional questions, you can write to the address:

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