Radovan Tamjanika 2019

1,680.00 RSD

Country: Serbia
Region: Tri Morave
Winery: Podrum Čokot
Assortment: Tamjanika


The grapes are squeeyed for 24 hours, after which juice is placed in a barrel with a volume of 225 l of Serbian oak, where the fermentation process takes place.

Aging in a barrique made of Serbian oak for 10 to 12 months.

Wine of golden yellow color with complex aromas, striking fragrant tones of muscat variety with vanilla admixture. Elegant wine of medium body.

Alk 12%, Acidity 4,95 g/l, PH 3,44

Annual production: 1.200 bottles


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Radovan Tamjanika 2019

1,680.00 RSD

1,680.00 RSD

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