Tri Morave sparkling 2021

2,440.00 RSD

Country: Serbia
Region: Tri Morave
Winery: TemeT
Assortment: 100% Tamjanika


Vinification: Pressing of the whole bunches, the wine ferments in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature, 14° C, for 14 to 18 days. After fermentation, the base wine is aged in a tank for 6 months on yeast cells. Traditional champagne method – secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Maturation on yeast cells for 9 months.

Wine analysis: Alcohol 12%, pH 3.2, total acids 8g/l, extra brut: 4.0 g/l

Aromatic sparkling wine with impressive freshness. An authentic expression of incense, which gives this fragrant grape variety a special dimension. Floral, with tones of honey candies, also calls for freshly baked biscuits. It is very playful and refreshing on the palate, with a sharp wave of bubbles. Perlage is focused and steady. Perlage is focused and steady.


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Tri Morave sparkling 2021

2,440.00 RSD

2,440.00 RSD

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