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Wine trading in the 21st century

Honouring tradition should not ever affect efficiency. In the last few years, this specific statement turned into a company policy and brought us to the development of our  informational system. Our goal is to become the most efficient online trading partner that supplies you with  authentic wines. Our advanced tools enable us to fulfill the ever-growing and dynamic market demands. The speed with which we process information secures excellence in logistics: internal wine storage, and partnerships with domestic leaders in logistics.

The importance of relations

Wine is a product that demands constant attention. Discussions about wine are grounded on sharing and socializing, and they light the passion that moves us. With the growth of our company, the wine will always be at the heart of a three-way, informal relationship between wineries, tradesmen, and clients. It is our duty to ensure transparency so that the delivered messages from wineries remain unfiltered, truthful, discreet, and sincere. These high-quality relations and mutually shared values separate us from other wine trade companies, as the ones who always give advantage to the human factor.

The bottom line – it all comes down to trust. With this philosophy, we made ever-lasting friendships and privileged relations with the owners and caretakers of the most prestigious vineyards. Prestigious wineries trust us to distribute their authentic wines under the best possible conditions.

Our strength

  • We build long-lasting partnerships, based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.
  • Every wine we suggest comes directly from its makers and has the optimal storage quality in  Millesime repositories. This allows us to guarantee the quality and authenticity of each bottle.
  • We are passionate about wine discovery and selection, for we aim towards the stars in their categories, as well as the optimal value for money.
  • We explicitly refuse to purchase wines that are sold in  major supply stores and retail.
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